2002.11.25 Goodbye to Mister Bentley

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Mister Bentley: ? - 2009
Mister Bentley: ? - 2009

Mister Bentley came to us in November 25, 2002. He was a handsome black male cat with green eyes who passed away on October 4, 2009. Besides these diseases Mister Bentley was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes in November 25, 2003. But that doesn't make the job of saying good-bye any easier. We have to be thankful we have them even for a short time and Mister Bentley was with us for almost seven years.

Mister Bentley was put on to two insulin injections a day. He was very hard to regulate which simply means the veterinarians have a difficult time getting the amount of insulin to administer. One time around Christmas Mister Bentley went into insulin shock and actually stopped breathing. We brought him back to life by putting corn syrup around the inside of his mouth and pumping his little chest.

Mister Bentley's diabetes eventually went into full remission. For the last two months of his life he did not have to take his insulin injections.

Mister Bently was a party animal he went to one party in Peterborough and one in Port Perry. He would always come for his insulin when it was time. I would kiss him between the ears. He loved popcorn night and knew the sound of the air popper because he knew that D'Arcy would treat him to a bit of milk or cream whenever he made popcorn.

Mister Bentley you will be missed.