2002.12.11 Goodbye to Ibby

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Ibby: 1990 (?) to 2002
Ibby: 1990 (?) to 2002

Ibby, was a handsome sleek black male, short hair cat with beautiful yellow eyes a tail that looked like just the tip was dipped in white paint. Ibby passed away on December 11, 2002 of both Kidney and Liver closing down because the poor guy had FIV. Ibby entered our lives on September 4, 1998, my husband's birthday.

I remember one morning after feeding them, Ibby managed to get locked in a room with Rudolph, a dog we were fostering for a short time. They both walked in and something slid in front of the door locking them in. Rudolph, being the crazy dog that he was, barked and ran around looking for a way out while Ibby cowered in the corner. It wasn't long before we heard the ruckus and they were saved. The pained look on Ibby's face was priceless.

Ibby had a weird craving for low fat yogurt which he would share with our other cat Fabio. Every morning they would wait until they heard the click of the empty low fat yogurt cup as it reached the floor. They licked it until there wasn't much left to lick.

You would find Ibby at any given time helping D'Arcy in the computer room by removing anything that didn't belong on his desk and putting it on the floor. After all, Ibby had to nap somewhere.

Ibby you will be missed. Who will knock things on the floor for D'Arcy?