2003.09.08 Goodbye to Lightning

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Lightning: ?- 2003
Lightning: ?- 2003

Lightning, was a beautiful black and white, short hair female cat, with beautiful green eyes, who passed away from Mammary Adenocarcinoma (breast cancer) on September 8, 2003. Lightning entered our lives with her brother Thunder on January 19, 1999. Lightning was a mother fiqure for all our cats, she would lick them clean. She also wouldn't miss a chance to be petted. For example when D'Arcy's brother Ken came over she would see to it that she would get a petting from him then all our other cats would follow for their petting. At night when we were ready for bed she would snuggle up between us facing D'Arcy with her little white right paw up on D'Arcy's stomach. It's funny how every cat inherits the name "Babies" and she was no different.

She is gone now to be reunited with her brother Thunder. Lightning and Thunder both were abondoned in an apartment. They sure had a good home here where they were both loved. Now I will have to wash my own hair. Lightning used to help me.

Lightning you will be missed.