2003.11.13 Goodbye to Zorro

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Zorro: 1990(?) - 2003
Zorro: 1990(?) - 2003

Zorro, was a handsome black male cat, with a little white on his neck, white whiskers, lovely green eyes and short hair. Zorro was with us from August 2, 2000 till the day he died on November 13, 2003. He had Jaundice complicated by FIP and FIV and it spread to his liver. I stayed right to the end. Zorro went out of this world fighting. Afterwards I stayed with him for a while. I pet him and told him he's going to a place where he will not be in pain anymore and how much we enjoyed the time we had with him.

Zorro was a cat that stayed on his own. He was always the first one on the kitchen table meowing for his meals. Zorro loved being petted and he would always find a spot on our bed at night and on our couch during the day. I always said we bought this couch for the cats.

Zorro was on pills for the last few months and it was always a struggle to get him to take them. He was a master at eating around it when I tried to hide it in his food. I would usually have to force it down his throat, a procedure that he disagreed with strongly.

Zorro, you will be missed.