2004.04.06 Goodbye to Toby

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Toby: 1996 (?) - 2004
Toby: 1996 (?) - 2004

Toby, was a handsome sleek grey and white male, short hair cat with beautiful blue eyes. Toby, entered our lives on November 27, 2002 and passed away on April 6, 2004 of complications with his FIV. The FIV was in his beautiful blue eyes and into his brain. Toby, was not alone when he passed on both Dr.Au and I were present in the room. Before Dr. Au injected him I kissed his head twice, petted him and said it was nice knowing him.

Toby, although he was falling to one side, managed to follow me from our kitchen to our bedroom. He tried to jump on our bed but he fell. I put him on the bed while I went downstairs to get a comfortable carrier for his last walk to the vets with me. Toby was a little Trooper till the very end.

Toby, when he came in, checked out the basement and said to himself "I can't stay downstairs. There's no food here," so upstairs he came. Toby was always there for meals and he would sleep at the foot of our bed. Toby, you will be missed.