2004.07.06 Goodbye to Biscuit

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Biscuit: 1990 - 2004
Biscuit: 1990 - 2004

Biscuit, a beautiful orange and white, short hair, female with yellow eyes, passed away on July 6, 2004 of Kidney Failure. Biscuit entered our lives on January 28, 2004 at the age of thirteen. When her owner died, Biscuit was placed with us. I guess to her everything looked strange in a new place after so many years with the same companion.

Like many of our cats do, Biscuit lived in our basement when she first arrived. In time she joined us upstairs but still felt uncomfortable for a while. She finally started to feel at home and was starting to sleep in our bed. She loved to sit on my lap and just get petted.

Biscuit you will be missed.