2006.03.06 Goodbye to Carrie

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Carrie: ?- 2006
Carrie: ?- 2006

Carrie, was a lovely female, calico,short hair with big green eyes, who passed away on March 6, 2006. Carrie, entered our lives on August 7, 1998. Carrie, was the only female in a household of eleven for which we foster for Toronto Cat Rescue. How are the boys ever going to stay in line without a mother fiqure like Carrie?

Carrie would keep everone clean as she would wash all the cats whether they needed it or not. She would even spare some licks for us. Carrie would clean Winston, a black and white cat, the most. Maybe she though the black would come off.

We have an end table with pictures in a circle and Carrie would hide in the middle and pretend that we couldn't see her. Carrie was a picture alright.

I hope where she is she finds a lot of cats to wash. Carrie, we will miss you.