2006.05.16 Goodbye to Noah

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Noah: ?- 2006
Noah: ?- 2006

Noah, was a handsome male, who passed away on May 16, 2006 He was a smokey grey, long hair with beautiful green eyes. Noah came to live with us on December 4, 2003. Noah, was a happy cat. We picked him up from a friend of mine who also volunteers for Toronto Cat Rescue, because Noah either had FIP or FIV and my husband D'Arcy and I take care of sick cats.

Noah liked to be independent, but he still came for his share of pettings. He would lay down anywhere that was comfortable.

Today I was passing the room at around 4:30 where I put my clothes. It's like a giant closet. I caught a glimse of Noah dead on the floor. We rushed to the vets where they were waiting for us.

So Noah died alone in a room from what we think is a blocked bladder. I only hope he died peacefully and he doesn't blame us for not being there. Noah you will be missed.