2022.08.20 Irish Music

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Yesterday we all gathered  in the main hall to listen to some good Irish music. In our campsite there is this wonderful couple we talk to when we go for our walks their names are Bob and Lynda Boyle. Bob belongs to this wonderful group that sing beautiful Irish music which we all enjoyed yesterday.

A lot of people wore something green for the occasion.  There was a  little dancer and I even took a picture of a baby liking the music. Everyone was in great spirits at the end we sang along. At the end of the evening D'Arcy tried an Irish bouzouki, an adaptation of the Greek bouzouki.

It was an enjoyable evening.

Later that evening we had a wonderful meal at The Peacock Lounge. Then home for Ice cream and TV.

What a wonderful time we had.

Bob Boyle and friends at Wildwood 2022.08.20

More pictures.