2006.12.29 Goodbye to Kramer

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Kramer: ?- 2007
Kramer: ?- 2007

Kramer, was a handsome male, who passed away on January 23, 2007. Kramer, as well as having the FIP or FIV virus, was diagnosed on December 29, 2006 with Kidney Failure and he was borderline anaemic. He was a grey and white, short hair with beautiful green eyes. Kramer,came to live with us on November 16, 2004. Kramer, was a happy cat. A friend of ours who also volunteers for Toronto Cat Rescue asked us if we would take Kramer because Kramer either had FIP or FIV and my husband D'Arcy and I take care of sick cats.

Kramer was a curious cat but, what cat isn't? Kramer wanted to know what life was like on the outside so as we came in one night kramer said, "quick here's my chance" and bolted. But D'Arcy brought Kramer back in. Another time when Kramer was eating he popped his head up when he heard D'Arcy play his guitar. I guess he was a critic

This morning when I went down to the basement I found that he had passed away.

So Kramer died alone in a room from kidney failure. I only hope he died peacefully and he doesn't blame us for not being there. Kramer you will be missed.