2022.09.02 Our Landmark Make Over

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It seems like we just bought our 2016 Columbus RV and now we are moving back into our old 2010 Landmark.  We are so glad our Landmark did not sell. The Columbus feels small inside.  Our Landmark feels much larger and that spoiled us.  It is old but it has been well taken of.  Now we took the for sale sign off of the Landmark and put it on the Columbus.

To start with we left our Landmark at International Fleet Service in Windsor on July 11.  They gave our Landmark a safety check .  It is always better to be safe then sorry.  They also put in shocks and a few other fixes.

We ordered new blinds from Select Blinds on line.  They were delivered Aug 2.

Next we arranged with Executive Touch to paint all of the woodwork.  Unfortunately they messed up.  Our friend, Larry, had to come and he and D'Arcy cleaned up and fixed all the issues that they left.

After that we brought the unit to Windsor so that Select Vinyl could repair and replace the broken and faded decals.  They did a great job.  The unit looks new now.  Rather than restoring the Landmark logos at the back we put our names on it instead.

When the Landmark came back we started cleaning up after the mess left by the painters.  That was when Larry came and helped us.  D'Arcy also installed the new blinds.

On Aug 29 the Floor Store came and started installing the new vinyl plank floor.  We got a white oak plank to contrast with the dark chocolate woodwork.  Bob, a person in our campground, gave D'Arcy advice on getting the best  flooring for an RV.

Then we moved back in on Sept 2, just in time for D'Arcy's birthday on Sept 4.  We switched the lots so that we keep the new one with the shed and gazebo.

We will be going to Shipsewana, IN to get the cooling unit on the fridge replaced with a more modern type.  We are also going to Arizona to fix our windows.  Water got in between the two panes of the back window and some are hard to open.

Every time we enter the Landmark we like it just like the fist time when we bought it Sept 17th, 2017.  What we liked about it is the large slide outs and the wide stairs up to the bedroom. They do not make them like this any more.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us.

Restored Landmark 2022

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