2007.08.17 Goodbye to Pooh Bear

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Poohbear: (?) - 2007
Poohbear: (?) - 2007

Pooh Bear,was a beautiful orange long hair male cat with yellow eyes, who came into our lives on February 4, 2004. He passed away on August 17, 2007. Pooh Bear was a funny cat he stayed upstairs for a very short time before he found himself better places to stay in the basement. I would call him for meals and he would eat on the top of the basement stairs. Pooh Bear liked treats.

Then one day I found him upstairs more often and we were able to pet him. Then as I got up this morning I found he had died in D'Arcy's computer room. It seemed like he was telling us we did not have to call him anymore. I hope where ever he is they are taking good care of him.

We will miss you Pooh Bear.