2007.11.02 Goodbye to Romeo

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Romeo: (?) - 2007
Romeo: (?) - 2007

Romeo, was a handsome grey long hair, white breasted with four white boots and green eyes looking much like a Norwegian Forest Cat. Romeo came into our home on September 11, 2000 and passed away on November 2, 2007. Romeo was found abandoned in an apartment.

I remember when Romeo had surgery to remove about sixteen teeth and when I brought him home instead of soft food he went right to his hard food. Then one day he went to get a cut for matting called a Lion Cut. I was told to take away his food the night before. The face he gave me was like "how dare you take my food away?" Then one day he was in D'Arcy's computer room as D'Arcy had a cup of coffee and all of a sudden D'Arcy was getting a shower. He discovered Romeo playing in the cup and flicking coffee at him.

He liked his ice cream. On the weekend when we finished our turkey bacon and eggs we would put our plate down and Romeo would lick the plate clean, I always thought Romeo would never be invited out to eat because he would stand on his plate while eating.

So Romeo you will be missed.