2008.12.30 Goodbye to Winston

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Winston: 1992 - 2008
Winston: 1992 - 2008

Winston, a male black and white, with short hair and big green eyes entered our lives on November 25, 2002. Winston passed away on December 30, 2008. Winston was a happy cat although when Winston came in he stayed in our basement. He was very frightened. That just wasn't allowed in our house I called his name out and had plenty of patience and he finely came up.

Once he came up to join the other cats then he realized all the food and attention he was missing. Winston must have thought that his job was to keep his humans clean because he would lick our noses. Every time Winston would see me reading he would come up to me and nudge his head between the book and my hands as if to say never mind your book just pet me and I would. He loved to be under the blankets with us.

Winston you will be missed.