2009.08.14 Goodbye to Fabio

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Fabio: ? - 2009
Fabio: ? - 2009

Fabio was found in an empty Apartment. He was a handsome black and white male with green eyes. Fabio passed away on August 14, 2009. We have always known that these guys were under our care for a short time, because all these cats have FIV or FIP, Feline Aids or Feline Leukemia but that doesn't make the job of saying good-bye any easier. We have to be thankful we have them even for a short time and Fabio was with us for almost nine years.

Fabio had a short tail but that didn't stop him from climbing and otherwise being active. Every time I would call Fabio for his pill he would run in the kitchen to the basement stairs so when I would reach for him he would take off and hide in the basement. When we eventually caught him he would tell me a sob story why he shouldn't get his pills but he was never able to convince us. After he was finished taking his pills he was all friendly and would come to snuggle with us.

Fabio you will be missed.