2021.07.14 Wildwood Jammers

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Today, The Wildwood Jammers played in front of the recreation room in the campground.  So many people came out to watch them all play.  Most watched from their golf carts.

My job was to write down every song that The Wildwood Jammers sang and played so D'Arcy could learn them, because there was no set list . So I did not take pictures.

After the concert was over we packed up the musical instruments in the car and drove to our trailer to put them away for next Wednesday.

Then D'Arcy and I decided to go to the restaurant in the campground called The Nineteenth Hole for supper where you could see the golf course from the patio. While we were eating on the patio some people that were at the concert came to out table and congratulated D'Arcy on his playing of his bass, and even the people that just came off the golf said the music they heard was great.

So that made D'Arcy proud of his music.

So that ends a perfect day in Wildwood.

Wildwood Resort 19th Hole Restaurant