2021.07.11 D'Arcy Doing What He Enjoys

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As you know we love taking long walks around this large camp ground called Wildwood.  D'Arcy often takes his guitar on our walks and people see his guitar and ask him if he can play for them. Well we walk no further before he plays and sings songs which the people love and sing along. Then we leave and go on our merry way until other people stop us and we start again. D'Arcy just loves it and I love just watching him have fun and we meet new people on the way.

Now he is playing with a group of guys in Wildwood called the Wildwood Jammers. At first they were playing in front of Dan's RV.  Now the Rec room is opening soon then they will play there.

So D'Arcy brings his music everywhere we go and he enjoys it. It is hard to think of D'Arcy without a guitar or some other musical instrument.


D'Arcy playing bass