2021.05.07 Our New Camp Site

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Well we said good bye to our old camp site already. It was nice but when the Bell came to put in our DSL there was no place to put it.

Luckily there was another site to take its place. Now D'Arcy can continue working and I can keep everyone abreast of where we are by writing all these journals.

The camp ground laid brand new sod for us.  We bought a new patio set and other stuff to make it a nicer place.  We even  put up some hanging plants.

Before we left I took a picture of the beautiful sunrise. Then off to our new lot. Now every time we go for our walks D'Arcy says "lets go visit the old neighbourhood". This is a huge camp ground to go on our walks and the best part is we must be losing weight every time we go.

They have opened the golf course so there are a lot of golf carts driving around. So while we are here we are trying to stay healthy and meeting a whole new brunch of people. The activities haven't started yet.

I think we are going to like it here.

Our camp site at Wildwood 2021

More pictures.