2010.07.13 Goodbye to Snaps

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Snaps: 1992 - 2010
Snaps: 1992 - 2010

Snaps was a handsome orange and white tabby, male cat with big green eyes and an even bigger heart who passed away at home on July 13, 2010 from old age. Snaps came to live with us November 21, 2000. Snaps was born in 1992. Snaps was very shy when he came to live with us and lived in our basement at first. I called him up every day until he got tired of hearing my voice so he came up.

When Snaps first met D'Arcy he snapped at him. That's how he got his name although people thought it was because of his ginger colour. Snaps and D'Arcy quickly became good friends though and towards the end he wouldn't leave D'Arcy's side.

Snaps, you will be missed.