2020.10.10 Thanksgiving

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We attended Thanksgiving dinner, our last event in Pleasant Valley Family Campgrounds before they close up for the winter. We met so many nice people.

For this event Lori the manger asked D'Arcy if he would play his guitar which made D'Arcy very happy, because he has not played on stage since last March in New Orleans. All the people loved it and they applauded. The very next day one person stopped by to say that the music was enjoyable.

We must give a great hand to the staff who worked very hard putting all this together. This great meal consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and cranberry sauce. And what would a great meal be without dessert so we had our chose of pies. I had the strawberry rhubarb and D'Arcy had the blueberry.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Stay Safe.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

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