2020.09.05 Labour Day Weekend

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The day was cloudy, but no rain. It held off except for one drop. We had a fun day. Our friends Rollie and his lovely wife Theresa and daughter Angela decided to have a garage sale so D'Arcy and I had one too.

As we were both next door we both examined each others merchandise. Concentrating on our side there was a few customers that came to see what we were selling. We had Mardi Gras Beads from New Orleans which we were giving away and things that we could unload from our basement to make it lighter for out RV to travel. We hung Mardi Gras Beads on our two trees in front of our lot to dress them up. As the afternoon went on we had very few customers. We were trying to decide if we should pack up when I came up with a plan.

I decided to wait till the Chuckie-Choo-choo was ready to leave the station for there would be lots of children with their parents. As soon as D'Arcy saw Larry the engineer he approached the train station to ask Larry to stop at our lot and Larry agreed to stop.

Turning our Ram around so we could put stuff in the back worked for us. As soon as the Chukcie-Choo-Choo train stopped at our lot we gave out Mardi Gras beads to each person that wanted one, one little girl was so glad that her smile was bigger then her face.

Then off went the train with all his passengers with smiles on their faces very grateful.

We decided to start all over again the next day. Even if we do not get rich doing this garage sale it was fun trying. And we had satisfied customers. Is that not what it is all about.

The day does not end here. After supper we headed down to the main area of the campground to enjoy the cool sounds of Crystal Gage and her handsome husband Ryan who entertained us until 10:00.

Crystal asked the audience who was the oldest in the group and since we had no children Judy called D'Arcy Campground Grandpa. There is an older couple than us but they weren't there and Crystal said they must have went to bed. Then Crystal asked who is the couple married the longest and we said us forty eight years. So Crystal and Ryan played a love song and we danced to it. Would you believe it this was the first dance since my operation where they strengthened my femur with a titanium bar at Sunny Brook in Toronto. .

Well I guess that is it for today at Pleasant Valley Family Campground.

Kinzley with a slap bracelet

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