2020.08.22 Halloween and Family Fun Day

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We celebrated Halloween in August at yet another campground. Because the campgrounds close early they have to get all celebrating in during the summer and they do a fine job at that. It gave us so much pleasure seeing the kids have fun this Halloween even Batman in his bat-stroller joined us.

Handing out candy at our site was fun. Than the Chuckie Choo Choo was ready to leave the station so we got on board. Larry the engineer is always very pleasant. D'Arcy let out a loud yell and that made the kids laugh as the train went down the hill.

That's not all. The very next day was Family Fun Day. There was kiddies riding on a pony, I think the baby was teething. She was chewing on the saddle horn. The horse's name is Dolly. There was Tug Of War I tried beanbag toss and D'Arcy won and then there was a BBQ while music was playing all afternoon. Then we left on the Chuckie Choo Choo train which took us back home.

So that ended a terrific weekend at Pleasant Valley Family Campground.

Batman in his Bat Stroller

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