2020.07.01 Canada Day

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On Canada Day we decided to go for a ride we went to Battram Family Garden in Mattawas Park just to see what was there. We took pictures of us near a light house then walked further to a beach where there was a dog just waiting for someone to take his picture so I did.

Then we just rode around and came home.

At night we ate out. D'Arcy barbecued some hot dogs at our favourite restaurant, The Landmark, where they allow birds in the restaurant. After a good meal we watched TV.

D'Arcy and I received a surprise email received this evening when we got an email from Rodney Rawlings after so many years. Rodney Rawlings is a very good friend of D'Arcy's. In fact they used to go to the same school together in Montreal. The school was called Blessed Adrian Fortescue in Montreal North.

Happy Canada Day everyone.

D'Arcy and Carol - Canada Day 2020

More pictures.