2019.09.21 Campfire Friends

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We were invited to a mini bonfire at Donna's new campsite. I was careful not to take too many pictures because I did not want to fall in the fire along with their well done baked potatoes. They could only find two out of four that they put into the pit but who's counting?

When we arrived with Terry picking us up in her fancy taxi. A little girl came up to me and said her name was Willow and I said my name is Carol.

The children toasted us marshmallows and they were yummy, and I was given some strawberry marshmallows which I tried to share as much as I could.

D'Arcy was asked to bring his guitar so we sang a few songs and we got applause from another campsite, so they came over for a while.

At the end Terry drove us back home.

D'Arcy and Guy

More pictures.