2019.09.07 Kittawa Bonfire

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We went to the giant bonfire at the baseball park yesterday night and Joel and Joanne the owners of this campground arranged that pictures of the years events were shown on the wall of a tent. What a way to end a season of events Kittawa with a bang!

As we were walking out of our RV Rick's Taxi was at our door to pick us up. It was not timed like that or arranged it just happened that we walked out the door at the same time as they were driving by.

Drove down there and first saw the band for the night "Lost Boyz". They were terrific. We watched as Joel was having some trouble starting the bonfire but as the evening progressed the bonfire got better. There was some dancing to the great tunes of the band. D'Arcy noticed the bass players bass was the same color and model as his except one less string.

I took pictures of the bonfire, met some friends, saw some fire works and even tried to take pictures of the Chinese lanterns as they were tossed in the air but had a hard time as they went too fast.

As the evening progressed we decided to walk home so we went to tell our friends and they decided to drive us to our door.


More pictures.