2019.07.06 Delicious Steak Dinner

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Well, another Saturday night and we went out for a delicious steak dinner with baked potato and for dessert, apple pie with ice cream. Thank you to Yves Beauchesne and Paul Lalonde for arranging this great dinner.

We talked to more new friends after dinner. Then we left and waited around just outside the hall and saw the kids climb on the giant wagon for a ride around the campgrounds with Joel the owner of this beautiful campsite driving the tractor.

Heading home where my sweet husband serenaded me until the bugs came out. Then we went in and watched some TV until there came a knock on the door. It was our friends Richard and Terry asking us if we would like to take a ride with them though the campgrounds on the back of their golf cart. After we finished we invited them in for a nightcap and some conversation.

Then we called it a night and said goodnight to our friends.

Carol and D'Arcy

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