2019.06.30 Celebrating Canada Day

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On Sunday we went to a water volleyball tournament here on the beach in Kittawa. The beach was full of kids young and old with boats and all kinds of toys. Jean, the DJ, played great music. There were hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks available.

The tournament which started at noon and went until 4 in the afternoon. D'Arcy filled in when teams needed players and then when D'Arcy was not playing he kept score. I was among the spectators watching people as they jump in the air to hit the ball with their hands they cannot help but fall in the water. We all laugh at that but it is all for fun.

At break time D'Arcy and I went in the water to cool off as it was hot. Before the great fireworks we went home to change, and I got the idea to play D'Arcy's guitar but I forgot to remove the guitar pick from the strings.

Then off to the beach. On our way some people asked to hear a song. Then at the beach little Grayson tried the guitar while grampa Richard tried Grayson's hat and gramma Terry laughed.

The whole day was fun and it ended with some great fireworks. What would Canada Day be without a great display of fireworks?

Monday was a day of rest. We walked around the lake, we napped, D'Arcy made a nice stir fry and we ate this lovely dinner with a glass of wine just outside our RV. We watched TV then went to bed.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day.

D'Arcy playing volleyball

More pictures.