2017.10.11 Checking the RV

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D'Arcy had to bring in the two slide-ins just above the tires in so we had to move furniture to the center of the room. While we were pulling slides-ins we pulled the bedroom slide-in just to see what it looks like. You all heard of the walls closing in on you well thats what it looks like.

Nick from Nick's Mobile RV Service And Storage came all the way from Cornwall to check the tires. He is coming back Friday because we need seals and he didn't have seals in his truck. All in all not bad for an RV not moving for about one year and a half.

While this was going on I took a walk around the park to take advantage of the trees changing colors.

André, the original owner told D'Arcy we had to take the wooden steps off the RV before we leave, back to the original metal stairs so we did that at the same time.

By the way while we were moving furniture we found D'Arcy's Passport. It was under the couch. On Friday when we return to the passport office to get the new passport if it is ready they will have to destroy the one we found for security purposes.

Bringing in the slide-outs

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