2017.10.04 We Finally Get Hitched

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We had an appointment at Stittsville Trailer at 1:00 to install our new hitch. We arrived about ten minutes early. The whole thing would take three hours.

D'Arcy and I decided to go to Re-Read Used Books to pass some time, but it was a bit further then we though so I went in the wheelchair too much walking for me. As we walked into the store we met a big orange cat named Garfield. We looked around, bought some books and as we went out I was ready to get into my wheelchair for the trip back it was occupied. Garfield got there before me so of course it was picture time. Garfield gladly posed for me.

We stopped into a little place called Main Street Cafe and then back to wait for them to finish putting in the hitch.

We went to visit my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura and they kept us for a yummy supper. You heard of people bringing wine for supper, but we brought four boxes of wine. The reason was we made too much wine and we were not going to be able to cross the border into the US with that much so Robert and Laura have it. After supper was family pictures time. Even their dog Ella got into the picture.

After we said our good byes we went to Newfoundland Pub where D'Arcy's Friend Reif has a jam there. No this jam is not in Newfoundland. It is on Montreal Road in Ottawa. Then home to bed after a wonderful day.

Garfield gets comfortable

More pictures.