2017.09.29 Kablooie

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We realized we had a power shortage when we were blowing fuses and breakers when we plugged in too many things so D'Arcy checked on the computer for which appliances drew the most power and believe it or not it was the four slice pop up toaster then the electric kettle. So we got rid of them. We are still investigating different appliances. It got so bad that we burnt our adapter.

This lot has only 30 amp service and our trailer is 50 amp. Some lots are 50 amp. We could change lots but then we would lose the deck, the shed and the beautiful view. So we went to Walmart and bought a whistling kettle that works on the stove. We got rid of the toaster and now it is plain rye bread with our eggs and bacon. We are even thinking about taking out some computers. I know but D'Arcy's OK with that. We may get rid of the small washing machine that was in the RV when we bought it and a freezer we put in the shed which we are selling. We are roughing it in our new RV.

A 50 amp service would be nice but it does not look like we will get it here.

Here is a picture of the plug that went Kablooie.


More pictures.