2017.09.29 First Year of Snowbirding

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Sitting here admiring the view from Recreationland Campgrounds in Cumberland near Ottawa where we are getting ourselves and our new 38 foot Landmark Grand Canyon ready to go south. We plan to leave October 16, 2017 coming back in April. We are only allowed to stay away for a maximum of one hundred eighty-two days. We always come back to Recreational Campgrounds always the same lot 215.

We had to go Tyssen Trailers in Sutton to get the license plate off our old RV to put on the new RV. Getting our passports ready, unfortunately we discovered that D'Arcy lost his in the move my brother Robert signed as guarantor and helped D'Arcy out along with Jim, the person that works with D'Arcy at Vybe, and Bryan a ex-client who agreed to be references. Thank you guys, but I wouldn't have left without him.

We have to get a bigger hitch put in our new Ram 3500 so it can pull the RV safely. While this is being put in we will spend the time visiting my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura. Then we get the whole RV checked including tires. Can not be too safe.

We have three sliders that we have to put special rubber and vinyl care so they don't crack as the sliders close for travel.

Michele and André, the nice couple that sold us the RV, offered to come and help us get ready to go for our first year.

It is a lot of work, but worth every minute. We will try to do our best to send you journals and pictures of where we are.

Bye for now
Carol and D'Arcy

The back of our trailer showing two slides