2015.08.05 Upgrading Our Ram 1500

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D'Arcy went out on Wednesday August 5th to get the truck fixed yet again. Fixing the truck would have been an outrageous amount. Putting money into this truck would put us in the poor house. After all it was a 2002 Ram 1500.

D'Arcy got fed up and went to talk to Peter Maniatakis the sales consultant of Bob Bannerman Motors Limited to talk to him about trading our Big Red in for a newer truck.

D'Arcy phoned me to tell me about his plans and said he wished I were there to look at them. He hung up and called back to tell me he will pick me up. He picked me up in a granite coloured 2014 Dodge Ram.

We looked at two trucks, a granite coloured 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab and a black 2015 Ram Laramie Longhorn. The Longhorn looked nicer and had a really nice interior but we decided to buy the 2014 Ram 1500 because it was a little cheaper, had less mileage and had a longer bed for our fifth wheel hitch. It has a lot of gadgets our old truck did not have.

Thursday August 6th we found a place called JJ Trailer and got the trailer hitch out of the old truck and we were able to leave the trailer hitch there until we come back Friday with the new truck and they will install it for us.

Our new truck cheesecake photo

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