2020.05.01 Returning to Canada

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On the way back to Canada we passed through Louisiana, Alabama,Tennessee and Kentucky on the first day and continued through Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan before crossing into Ontario at the Detroit-Windsor Border.

We spent our last night at a rest stop along the highway. As we got up the next morning and found out we had a visitor, Kermit the frog.

As we passed into Canada we had no problems in and out of there in a flash but we had to put on masks on while we were talking to the border guard and for the trip back to our campground at Pleasant Valley Family Campground where we will have to quarantine for 14 days. D'Arcy and I had our picture taken to show you our fashion mask we should wear so we do not contaminate people.

Pleasant Valley Family Campground is still not officially open but, Frank and his sister Laurie let us come in. This was so nice of them because we had no where else to go. All other campgrounds were closed like our original campground Willowood.

As we arrived there was nobody to let us in our new campsite so we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.

On May first Frank phoned D'Arcy to tell us he was waiting for us. Frank put us in a temporary spot so that he could lay down some fresh gravel for us. We will move into our regular spot tomorrow.

This is our home for the next six months. Everyone be safe.

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