2017.12.31 Happy New Year from New Orleans

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The weather in New Orleans was 3° for our first New Year's Eve here. We started with D'Arcy cooking a delicious breakfast. Then we watched movies, had supper in our RV and watched more movies.

We were curious where the fireworks were coming from so we got in our truck and followed the fireworks until we got to a row of houses that were doing their own fireworks. It is not like Toronto where certain parks do fireworks. Down here whoever wants to do fireworks just does their own.

We asked if we could stay to watch it, turns out that block of houses does that every year. We stayed for a while to watch the fireworks, started a conversation with some people then returned to our campground in Chalmette Trailer Park and sat in front of our fireplace to watch more movies.

After midnight the fireworks were still going and it seemed like it was all around us. We lifted the blind from the back of our RV and watched the fireworks from three different places. It sounded like we were in the middle of a war zone.

On New Years the weather dipped down to -2°. We spent time relaxing and catching up on my journals before going out to Dmac's where D'Arcy sat in with the band.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy and safe New Year as we step into 2018.

Fireworks in Chalmette, LA, Dec 31, 2017

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