2022.09.17 Leave Those Kids Alone

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D'Arcy and I both enjoyed ourselves last year so we decided to go again this year to see Leave Those Kids Alone as they made another appearance at Wildwood Golf and RV Park for another great afternoon of music to benefit Julien's House.  The weather cooperated for this event and gave us a beautiful afternoon.

When we first arrived it was early so we looked around at different things like the band setting up plus the prizes we could win.

Leave Those Kids Alone did three sets.  In between set they drew door prizes.  I was lucky enough to win a fruit basket which D'Arcy brought back to the RV.  At the end of the second set they stopped for a delicious supper of ribs or chicken.  Then we all went back for the final set.

D'Arcy had to go back to the trailer at one point.  On the way he found a gift card on the ground.  He assumed that it was from one of the prizes so he returned it hoping they could find out who won it.  They did.  A little later they asked the person who won the fruit basket to come up.  That was me.  Turns out that the card was mine after all.

The whole day was so wonderful. They will be back next year. Thank you for everyone that helped make this event a great success and thank you Leave Those Kids Alone.

The day after this terrific event we had a delicious pancake and sausage breakfast with tea and coffee in the hall.  Then D'Arcy helped with the tear down of the band tent.

Carol and D'Arcy at the Julien's House benefit 2022

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