2020.10.27 Leaving Pleasant Valley

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D'Arcy winterized our RV before we left Pleasant Valley Family Campground. We met so many nice people, and we tried to participate in all their events like we try to do in every campground we go to. I am sure we will make wonderful friends at our new resort.

Too bad we have to leave our RV behind this year. Like my friend Karen Goucher says, we will appreciate it more when we get back.

Rollie, our neighbor, helped D'Arcy take out the trailer hitch for the inspection of our truck on Monday October 19th because it is a leased truck. Then D'Arcy and Chico had to put it back because the dealer we are retuning it to wants it and is paying us for it. Thanks Chico for your help.

Theresa, Rollie's wife, gave me ideas on how to keep mice from chewing the inside of the RV with peppermint on cotton balls. Mice do not like the smell. Thank you both for your help.

Unless our RV could sprout wings we have to drive our home on wheels to our new place at Wildwood Golf RV Resort and leave it there until we get back. We drove the RV into a temporary place and the people there will change the lots around before we get back. Of course I took a picture of the temporary lot.

Then we drove to Pickering to see Monica's new apartment. Then we went out to dinner at Perkins Restaurant with Monica, Tiffany, Holly and Joel.

Finally we drove to Mississauga to our hotel where we are staying until Thursday when we turn in our leased truck.

Holly, Monica, Tiffany, D'Arcy, Carol and Joel

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