2019.08.10 Scary Stuff Eh Kids?

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Recently the campground had Christmas in July. Today they did Halloween in August. As we took our daily walk around the campground to take pictures of all the Halloween setting for tonight's main event, the Candy of course!

D'Arcy and I set ourselves up in the front of our RV to dish out the candy to all our great ghouls and goblins. D'Arcy decided he would light a fire to keep up the ambience.

We asked our next door neighbor Alexia if she wouldn't mind taking a picture of us and she did. Then she asked me it I wouldn't mind taking pictures of her one month old daughter Charlie with her parents. I agreed of course. Then I just had to take a picture of the wagon full of kids having a great time.

That night we were invited to the site of a friend so D'Arcy could entertain us on his guitar with the beautiful sounds of his music.

After that we got a drive home although we said we could walk. We watched TV with a bowl of chocolate cake and ice cream and a drink before retiring for the evening.

Well, good night my pretties.

Scary Carol and D'Arcy

More pictures.