2019.07.26 Christmas in July

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Jeremy, the second half of the band 13th Avenue Rejects, came knocking on our door to ask D'Arcy if he wanted to jam and knowing D'Arcy what do you think the answer was? Off we went to have a good time at the jam. Jeremy's daughter was up dancing to Dad's music.

Then off to Guy Diotte Hall right beside the restaurant to finish off our evening with D'Arcy playing the organ for Christmas Mass.

Yes, Kittawa campground celebrates Christmas in July because they close the campground on October 14,2019.

D'Arcy had to work extra hard at this music because this type of music does not fit the genre he usually plays. Also, they sung the hymns in French which made it harder for him to follow. But he did a good job and everyone said how much they enjoyed his playing. The choir also did an excellent job

There was a nativity scene. People dressed as Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus. Usually they use a doll but this year one of the camper's newborn great, great grandchild filled in although Jesus was a girl this year.

D'Arcy is following in his fathers footsteps. I remember Mr. Cain playing organ every Sunday when Father Tom was saying the Mass as well as Midnight Mass at All Saint's School Hall in Montreal North.

After Christmas Mass there was a potluck supper. D'Arcy and I brought a salad to share with the group.

There ends a beautiful Christmas day in Kittawa.

Joseph, Mary and Baby Girl Jesus

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