2018.10.15 Robert and Laura

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We had a touch of winter this morning. When we woke up there was some traces to snow on our deck, but it did not stay long.

We were nice and cozy as we traveled to Kanata to have a delicious supper with my brother Robert his lovely wife Laura, Taylor Ray, Robert's daughter and Taylor's boyfriend Matt and their cute dog Ella in their townhouse. Thank you for having us over. Thanks also for the doggie bag, Laura. That means one night we just have to warm our supper up.

We had quite a discussion at the table. Taylor Ray and her boyfriend Matt left but not before I took a picture.

We stayed a while and we talked about our travels.campgrounds etc.

Than it was time to go. On the way home we stopped of at our friend Reif's Jam at the Neighbourhod Pub where D'Arcy played his keyboard for the first time for Reif and Reif liked it. He said he did not know D'Arcy played keyboards. D'Arcy also played his guitar. Everyone loved his playing. Reif is playing the white guitar.

We also met our friend Jorge who plays at the Rainbow Bistro on Sundays. He is playing the red bass.

Then we went home after having a wonderful day.

D'Arcy, Matt, Taylor Rae, Carol, Laura, Ella and Robert

More pictures.