2018.10.03 Mini Moving Day

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Today Mike's Towing came to our trailer to pick up our shed and bring it to our new campground Kittawa in Limoges. Kittawa closes October the eighth but we were allowed to set up a shed now so that we can leave some stuff there. Now all we have to do next year is move right in.

You can just imagine our shed sitting on the flat bed tied up with a yellow strip going down the country roads. I took a minute to take pictures of the trees in their beautiful fall colors.

Everything was going as planed when Joelle came and said he did not want a wooden shed. But the shed was full of stuff so Joelle allowed us to leave it there until we came up with a plan to get rid of the shed. Both D'Arcy and I unloaded the truck and off to find a metal or vinyl shed.

We met a nice man, Paul, who listened to our story and said he was willing to trade his metal shed for the wooden one.

We are going to Kittawa campgrounds Thursday to do the exchange.

Now everything is there and we will arrive with our RV in April 2019.

Our new shed

More pictures.