2018.09.14 Changing Campgrounds

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When we bought our Landmark trailer it was already on a beautiful lot so we kept the lot. Although the lot was beautiful it did have troubles. Like soft ground, cannot get mail delivered there etc.

One day as we were buying something for the trailer at 407 RV we asked if he knew of any campgrounds and he gave us a campground which we went to visit. We also looked at others.

It is a lovely campground run by a lovely couple Joelle and his wife Joanne in Limoges just East of Ottawa. They were very accommodating and gave us a map of the campground marking a few lots that were available for us. We drove though and picked Lot 81, a corner site.

Joanne told us there were some kids here and I said we were all kids at one time. We ate at their restaurant which was great and D'Arcy did the math. I am not good at math. After lunch we signed the papers. Both Joanne and Joelle welcomed us.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Kittawa Camping and RV Resort

More pictures.