2018.09.18 Pre-trip Maintenance

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Before we leave to go south we decided to bring our RV to G & L Auto Repair for a maintenance check to guarantee a safer trip. For example the tires,axles,etc.

D'Arcy decided the day before that he would go up on the roof to sweep the slide-ins before bring them all in for traveling. Of course I just had to take pictures of D'Arcy on the roof.

Guess what? We found we had a TV antenna up there. So Mike, a good friend in the campgrounds, helped to try and get it connected. D'Arcy who has never been on the roof of the RV went up about five times, so he said he is getting a liking for the song "Up on the Roof."

To thank Mike for helping we invited him and his lovely wife Terry for supper out on our deck for Chinese food from New Ruby House Restaurant and it was delicious but too much. D'Arcy and I had Chinese food for another day.

We got up early and headed out to G & L Auto Repair and waited to see what was wrong and there was a couple of things. D'Arcy also learned a lot about the RV in that little time by just talking to the guys. They were very nice. Wayne did a lot of the work on the RV.

We went out for breakfast at Place 19-67 in Plantagenet ON. Before we left for breakfast we were told we could camp at G & L Auto Repair till Tuesday. So just joking I said to D'Arcy my you always bring me to camp at such wonderful places.

We just had to get pictures of the wonderful staff.

Bruce, Steve, Sean, Carol, Wayne and Shane

More pictures.