2018.09.04 D'Arcy's 68th Birthday

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We celebrated D'Arcy's Sixty-Eighth birthday at Ze Kitchen Gastropub a cozy 143 year old heritage building on Old Montreal Road in Cumberland. I also took some pictures around our trailer like D'Arcy holding a cup that says "How old are you pretending to be these days." Unfortunately I had a bad battery so I have no pictures of the restaurant but I pulled one off the net.

We tried for our first time a Mojito cocktail and enjoyed them very much. Next time we will try them without ice.

D'Arcy had chicken supreme and for desert coffee and turtle cheese cake and I had filet mignon and for dessert I had rasberry crème brûlée. The service was great and the food was yummy.

D'Arcy got a birthday greeting from Google Doodle with six candles. Jim, D'Arcy's partner, said that if they had put the amount of candles for his age it would overheat the server.

Every six months D'Arcy catches up to me in age. Then for the other six months he says I am older than he is.

D'Arcy, you are a good sport for taking so many jokes and I love you very much.

Happy Birthday, D'Arcy!