2018.07.20 Monica's Giant Garage Sale

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We headed to Toronto for a terrific weekend.

We left Cumberland Recreational Campgrounds around eight thirty and got to D'Arcy's sister Monica's house in Pickering around two in the afternoon. We made a stop in Kemptville for breakfast. It is only fair because we left some stuff there to be sold when we sold our house in Toronto.

This time we did not park our 38 foot Landmark trailer in her driveway. We stayed in a great cozy and warm bedroom in her house. We thought we would leave the driveway free for all the people to shop for their treasures.

Among the Cain Family, Monica's grandchildren Owen and Quinn had a table selling homemade cookies and juice boxes. We saw our good friends Jacqueline, Kimberly and Mary Garden. I had a picture taken with Kimberly.

Owen used his imagination and made a car out of a coffee box that held cups of coffee for a coffee machine and for wheels he used coins we brought from Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans.

D'Arcy said he sold enough stuff to pay for our diesel for our trip.

Then I took pictures of the two dogs Lola pictured with Quinn and Chi Chi keeping Monica's Lazy Boy warm. The dogs belong to Monica's son Chris.

Monica, thank you so much for your great hospitality. You are always a great hostess.

Treasures for everyone

More pictures.