2018.07.11 RBC Ottawa Bluesfest

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It is so nice of Morgan at RBC to give us two one day tickets to the Ottawa RBC Bluesfest. This year the RBC Bluesfest is taking place at LeBreton Flats. The people we know at this bank thought that we would make good candidates for these tickets because both of us enjoy music.

We drove to the Place d'Orléans Park and Ride where we left the truck and took the bus the rest of the way. Wednesdays turned out to be senior's day on Ottawa Transit so we did not have to pay.

We were early so we ate at the park. I had a grilled cheese with french fries and D'Arcy had a chicken burrito.

We brought our folding lawn chairs and enjoyed our first year at the Ottawa Bluesfest immensely. We saw the great talents of Dave Matthews Band and others. I can tell just by being a musician's wife that D'Arcy wished he could be up on stage but maybe next year.

As it was time to leave this was so different instead of us waiting for a bus the buses were waiting for us.

We walked one block and than all the way to the first bus waiting up the street the buses were lined up to make up the whole block. As soon as the bus came to the end this driver brought us right to our truck at the Park and Ride which was so nice of him.

Carol and D'Arcy at RBC BluesFest 2018

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