2018.07.04 Robert's Family Visits Us

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We celebrated the US Independence Day with a visit from my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura and their cute dog Ella. Ella brought her own portable bowl so we filled it up with water and she brought her nice pink leash. After we did the hugs everyone came into the RV yes Ella too came into the RV and they said it was nice and cozy. So that means we got another thumbs up.

We adjourned to the patio where D'Arcy started the BBQ and then Robert took over the cooking of the hamburgers while D'Arcy made salad inside. We had a delicious and filling supper thanks to our two chefs.

We talked some more then it was time for them to go but not before I got a picture which D'Arcy took.

We enjoy having company over especially family and we hope they will come again. Thank you Robert Laura and Ella for visiting us.

Robert, Carol, Laura and Ella

More pictures.