2018.06.29 Trip to Quebec

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After feeding the birds and having a nice breakfast of French toast which D'Arcy made on the BBQ out on the patio, we started our day of adventure.

We crossed over the Ottawa River by ferry from Clarence-Rockland and then we followed the road to where ever it took us.

We stopped to eat at a nice place called Restaurant La Chouette. The decor was all owls, so I asked the waitress who liked owls and she replied that that is the name of the restaurant. "Chouette " is French for "owl".

We ordered a typical French meal, pea soup, smoked meat platter and to wash things down we both had Perrier water. D'Arcy said we must be in Quebec because out came the vinegar without having to ask. For dessert you can not go to Quebec and not order sugar pie.

On our way home we decided to go another route so we crossed at the Cumberland/Masson ferry.

We arrived to our campsite after a beautiful day on both sides of the Ottawa/Gatineau River.

La Belle Province

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