2018.06.18 Cumberland Wildlife

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One of the things that we enjoy about living in a campground is the wildlife outside our front door. Here are some pictures I took, some from inside the RV while drinking my morning tea.

One day while the birds were having a feast a chipmunk decided to join them. We thought the chipmunk was stuck so D'Arcy tried touching him and the chipmunk went into the bird feeder then got stuck inside so we had to remove the top of the bird feeder then he just jumped out.

We watched a bird which D'Arcy called Percy because of his persistence. He keeps on jumping from the ladder in the back of our RV to D'Arcy's car and into our back window. He is fascinated with his reflection.

We even had a bird build a nest on one of our slide outs.

This is an amazing campsite for wildlife. We never know the colour of a bird or what animal we are going to see.

Girl and Oriole

More pictures.