2018.05.18 Visiting Robert's Family

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We went to visit with my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura and their dog Ella. Robert's daughter Robynne, son-in-law Bill and grand-children little man Royce and little cute Clarke were already there.

D'Arcy and I are in getting all our paper work ready for our old age and Robert helped us to look them over to tell us if we are missing anything. Robert gave up great advice. Thank you so much Robert. Nobody wants to think about getting old, but we all eventually get there.

We left the remainder of the throws for you big kids because we are all young at heart.

This was a celebration of Robynne and Bill's fourth Wedding Anniversary. Our forty-Sixth Wedding Anniversary was celebrated last Sunday Mother's Day.

Robert and Laura kept us all for supper and we ordered out for two large pizza's and for dessert we had cake. I guess Royce is a big boy now at two years old Royce did not want to stay in his high chair he wanted to sit beside his Grandpa Robert. They grow up awfully fast. Treasure them when they are small.

Then it came time for family photo and Royce made sure we all said Cheese.

Thank you for a lovely evening Robert and Laura we always enjoy ourselves seeing family. In fact we are planning on going to spend time with my sister Norma and her husband Peter in Arizona next October or November.

Robert, Royce, Laura, Bill, Robynne, Clarke, D'Arcy and Carol

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