2018.05.13 46 Years of Wedded Bliss

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We started the day with D'Arcy making a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.

We had to make a reservation because, our Anniversary fell on Mother's day. On our wedding day D'Arcy forgot the flowers and it was hectic to go and stand in line on your wedding day. I was waitng for him to pass in front of our house. I thought he changed his mind and I am so glad he did not.

Then we relaxed in the sun on our patio. I read which I do a lot lately. We napped a bit and watched TV. More or less we did sweet nothing all day.

We watched a bird which D'Arcy called Percy because of his persistence. He keeps on jumping from the ladder in the back of our RV to D'Arcy's car and into our back window. He is fascinated with his reflection. Percy woke me up this morning after a fantastic evening, as he tapped on our back window, and since I am such a sound sleeper I got up. I thought it was someone knocking on our door.

On our way to Montana's we passed the Ottawa River which is called the Gatineau River on the Quebec side. Then we went out to Montana's for a juicy steak dinner. The tables all had brown paper and crayons so I took a picture of what my romantic husband drew on it.

D'Arcy and Carol sitting in a tree...

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